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History of Ireland
   - Histories written in the 10th Century - 11th Century - 15th Century - 16th Century - 17th Century - 18th Century - 19th Century - 20th Century
   - Rebellion of 1641; 1798, 1803 Rebellions; Act of Union; Catholic Emancipation; The Famine; The Land War; The Irish Question; The Rise of Sinn Fein and the 1916 Rebellion

Irish Church History

   - Church Lives; Saints of Ireland
   - Abbeys, Monasteries, Orders; Diocesan History; Parish History; Baptist; Black Preceptory; Church of Ireland; Congregational Church; Druid, Pagan, Fairy; Freemason; Huguenot; Jewish; Methodist; Moravian; Orange Order; Palatine; Pre-Reformation; Presbyterian; Puritan; Quaker; Roman Catholic; Unitarian; Witchcraft; Miscellaneous

Irish Legal History

   - Luminaries; Disputed Inheritance cases; Cases; Journals

Irish Local History

   - By Province - Connacht; Leinster; Munster; Ulster

Irish Military History

   - Leaders; Army Lists; Fenian Raids into Canada; History; Regiments, Brigades, etc.

State Papers, Parliament

   - Parliament: Early Parliaments; Irish Parliament; United Kingdom Parliament; Dail Eireann; Speeches; State Papers

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